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Street Food- Midye Dolma ile başlayan serüven

We, Maximillian and Baran , Luft und Liebe, as the founders and professionals of the street food company, with our education from Germany that Maximillian had, and from Austria that I had . I went from Turkey to Austria to study and we met there in Alpen-adria uni. And we were colleagues in the same university. We had an opportunity to work together when we had international music days,international kitchen and cooking workshops or international organisations that had 8 different languages in university, these factors gathered us together because we both were so interested in transcultural and international events. While doing these, food turned out to be the biggest tool for us because a good food was always delicious and everybody loved them. Although the food taste depends on the culture and change from culture to culture, the food made us meet many kinds of people and our love of food developed so much that we couldn’t be far from food organizations even we were in Holland and Ireland with Erasmus programs.

After finishing B.A., we kept studying in the field of economy, and we wanted to found a company. And the beginning was in Turkey when Maximillian visited me in turkey and ate midye dolma in Taksim, In Istanbul. And midye dolma became our first eye pupil with its spicy, sour taste and reminding Istanbul’s peculiar atmosphere. We took some lessons from Mehmet usta who is from Mardin from Turkey. And we took mussels from the sea of Slovenia and faaker see in Austria. And the taste of mussels is till with people in Europe. The next street food taste which is poffertjes from Holland that we learnt during our Erasmus time in Holland. During our festivals, we have learnt many kinds of food and now we have 12 different cuisine.
We had a chance to greet people with our street food festivals in many places in Europe after founding our company in Austria.

Exploring the cities and meeting new people while on the road inspired us a lot. This food journey from Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Holland and Denmark contributed us both energy and new findings.
Besides street food festivals, especially in Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland, we had a chance to greet people with street food catering in open air music festivals.
We are happy to work with OBB, GRAZ HOLDING, AND DB(GERMANY).
Today our company is organizing its own festivals in western Europe and street food academy which was founded 3 months ago.
We started this adventure in april, 2016 and we had a chance to be successful in a very short time. Just like mussels that Europeans loved a lot, we are sure that pofferjes will admire Turkish people in the streets and that is why, we are hoping to greet people with international and Turkish food in 2018.

Street food turkey is about to greet people with tasty food and international food in street tours in 2018.

StrEATfood Turkey 2018 Turunda sokaklarda
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