The street food taste of turkey meets with the street food taste of the world.

Midye dolma, ciğer, tantuni, tacos, French creps, Italian pizza, gourmand burger, cupcakes, fish and chips, burritos, fried ice cream, arepas, and Spanish paella and more and more.

We will be having Street food festivals in turkey will start from Istanbul till Aegean and Mediterranean part of Turkey in March 2018. Our festivals will be open air festivals with colorful street life and with its all locations that this color can take place. From the child, elderly to the young people, every will have a chance to see that atmosphere in an authentic, and tasty festivals. And you will have an unforgettable moments with music, food, and art.

We make you have a great time With Workshops with Street musicians, famous food chefs,international DJ’s , special programs for children, local and foreign food trucks and food professionals and with both Turkish and world kitchen.