Streetfood is a part of culture of food in streets especially Asia, America, and nowadays in Europe and many places of the world.

Nohut (beans) , pilav (rice) , kokoreç,and midye dolma in Istanbul; kumru, boyoz, söğüş in izmir ; ciğer and halka tatlısı in Diyarbakır; şiş köfte and piyaz in Antalya; and balık ekmek in Zonguldak.

The food is a great way of understanding culture and history, people and places. Street food is not only introduce the local food but also introduce culture that people represent and belong to. We mostly use the terms for authentic kitchen experience which are either ‘’sokak yemekleri’’ which represents street food, or basically street food.

Street food welcomes us in almost every corner of the world with different colors and taste. It is highly possible to come across with the street food in Amsterdam, Istanbul, new York city, prag, Marrakech, and Bangkok in every corner of the city including neighbourhoods. In our country, initially in Istanbul and the other metropolis cities, street food reflects all colors with tasty food, authentic structure of the city, and the gorgeous form of the city.
We, as Street food turkey, greet the street food from the world and from Turkey, and introduce them in different parts of the world.